Thursday, February 14, 2008

What is "Project Management"? From my interview yesterday....

Very happy valentines day ...:-)

Yesterday after a long hiatus was getting interviewed (yes for a change not taking but giving one). And one question i was asked "What have you accomplished on Project Management and what would you say about Project Management"? I gave many an insights, my perspectives and facts and of course my accomplishments.

Retrospecting...i feel of penning my second (streamlined) thoughts.

What would you say about Project Management?

Here are my 2 paise on this...
Project Management, is an art not only skill.And I feel this art (SHOULD)comprise of
- Scope Management
- Integration Management
- Time management
- Cost Management
- Quality Management
- HR Management
- Communication Management
- Risk Management
- Procurement management
- Client (even Multi Vendor) Management

So if i were to march into the risky category, giving some thumb rules - Some of the keys (from my experience) to successful Project Management are

- Develop realistic project objectives / Goals
- Create / re-visit with predefined frequency - The MASTER Project plan
- Track / Measure / Analyse progress
- Solve problems quickly & effectively
- Motivate
- Keep Senior Management and even the Team members informed on project status. In succinct
- BE diplomatically transparent
- And above all follow my tips to make our team invaluable(see my post on "Lets Define Team")

Lastly, let me pictorially put the factors which govern "Project's success matrix".

Happy Project managing...

~Manav Ahuja

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