Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why the more you rise in corporate ladder, more egoist you become?

Is there a mandate, that once you reach some senior / executive position you start breeding look-at-me-I'm-so-special culture. The ego becomes bigger than professional-ism. Replying mails quickly hurts, replying lengthy downsize your position and rather no reply is to show i-am-too-busy.

What are the reasons for this kinda virus attack in the people who are on rise in corporate ladders?

Can you procure "Determination"?

Recently doing a research on Determination, i read a loads of chronicles on Determination and very interesting thoughts as well. I am putting in a small mathematical form

Determination = (Willfulness + Discipline ) * Ambition

So ironically, if you see, Its not something inborn quality but quite a derived one.

As we all know, We can hone our skills in "willfullness", We can make a paradigm shift in "Discipline" repository and to a good extent even improve "Ambition".

So a question comes, is it really that easy to say that "Determination" is not (un)procure-able?