Thursday, January 12, 2012

Testabulous 2012

Wow, what a hiatus it has been. Almost an year since i last posted. With dawn of new year, atleast i hope to work on one of my resolutions - to blog as frequently as 1/month and not 1/Year.

With that promise, lets break the hiatus with a new year note to our community.

This post has been unique right from the point when I thought I need to break monotony with a new year wish to the this point when I am penning without a concrete plan. I am letting my thoughts wander and just don’t want to say “Wish you an interesting new year”.

Alright, taking a leaf from Stevie’s (Steve Jobs) presentation style, I will ask(and answer) three questions to help carve an ecstatic 2012 for the testing community we all are championing.

1.Whom are you serving daily?

My thoughts: You are serving the testing artists, who look for better thoughts, those who enjoy the better thoughts and those who think we have better thoughts.

2. Who the hell cares about the testing artists?

My thoughts: I do and daily remind myself to do that! I believe Testing is a craft…only a few respect, most others think “Anyone can do testing”

3. When testing industry has crossed $13B USD(source Internet), why still people think “It’s just freaking QA/testing(used interchangeably)” or "Anyone can do testing"?

My thoughts: I feel it’s the mindset that have existed for ages. Remember the old 70’s – 80’s (atleast that’s what I do), common perception for teaching was similar, it was considered to be the worst but easiest option available to people who could not become Engineer/Doctor/CA(in some pockets of our society though). Maybe, that upbringing is so ingrained that people have not outgrown the rusty thoughts. With premise remaining same, the teaching has just been replaced by QA/Testing in IT industry. These people who are at helm think, anyone can do QA/testing because it’s just freaking QA/testing.

I am sure, above three questions must have provoked some thoughts and maybe ignited some passion to help our community. It’s because each one of us have the authority and responsibility to help our community garner much needed respect. I hope we will see QA/testing become poster child of IT industry during our lifetime.

Wishing you and your family an un-parallel 2012.

Thanks for your time,

- Manav