Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Walmart's secret - Sam walton's Golden Rules

I came across the list in an article in newspaper. How about adopting them...

Rule # 1. Commit to achieving success and always be passionate.
Rule # 2. Share your success with those who have helped you.
Rule # 3. Motivate yourself and others to achieve your dreams.
Rule # 4. Communicate with people and show you care.
Rule # 5. Appreciate and recognize people for their efforts and results.
Rule # 6. Celebrate your own and other's accomplishments.
Rule # 7. Listen to others and learn from their ideas.
Rule # 8. Exceed the expectations of others by setting high standards.
Rule # 9. Control your expenses and save your way to prosperity.
Rule # 10. Swim UpStream, be different and challenge status quo.

My Rule - consider above rules your bible to become the NEXT Sam walton and in process create your behemoth. No jokes, serious thought.