Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lets define a "Team"

Well, seeing the life in a new perspective these days, i really am contemplating hell lot of things. First which have struck is "Who/whats makes teams for what they are". There are many an adjectives which can be appended to a team e.g Exceptional,Highly productive,Great,Fabulous etc etc. But moot questions remains - how to define them in this respect?

I thought of penning my 2 cents on this:
Key aspects from my perspective are:

- Fire in the belly
- Passion for work
- Enjoying what we do
- Not doing for the heck of it
- Matching experience
- Target oriented be it Profit,milestones,scale,innovation etc
- Integrity
- Values which they bring to the table
- Visionary Leader
- Dynamism of indivuduals

Anything to add.

~ Manav Ahuja

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