Friday, September 14, 2007

Whats affects productivity the MOST?

Have we ever wondered at nailing down the factors that affect our productivity. I also always did but never tried. So today i thought let me pen my thoughts.

From my past experience i am collating all the parameters that affect the productivity:

a) Availability and stability of the development environment
b) Team capability, skill and experience
c) Team stability / manpower turnover
d) Maturity of the processes
e) Reusable software available to the project
f) Reusable software to be built by the project
g) Extent of communication possible with users/customers
h) Extent of automated tools used for software development and maintenance
i) Extent of degree of detail of the required user documentation
j) Cohesion of stakeholders and teams

Agree or disagree ?

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Unknown said...

I strongly agree with the points mentioned by you. I would also like to add some more points to that.
1. Effective usage of free source tools which are available on net.
2. Strong interaction and co-operation in the team.
3. Thorough requirement study and strong knowledge in business and domain