Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hire for Attitude

Now,when India Inc is really going *gaga* with economic Boom,every industry from FMCG to IT to Automotive to whatnot are feeling the crunch in skilled people. There is a real Demand supply (D&S) Gap. And with every moment its just widening. Another reasons for the cause of concern are - increasing attrition rates,wrong people getting hired etc. But then instead of going into Why's How's. I thought to start off with the basic principles of hiring. Even though the D&S gap exist still everyone does get candidates (prospective employees). So whom should be hiered. Now every organization have their own basic parameters for filtering in-eligible candidates. Lets stick this section on eligible people. So from among them whom should be hiered.
I believe, if i were the interviewer, i will give Attitude 80%, 10% their knack for problems and rest for their skills. Can you think Why Lalu prasad Yadav is an eye candy for Big Business houses. Why NRN,Ratan Tata etc are not ? Its simple because of the free and smart attitude he has for any given problem / scenario. These things cannot be taught in our degree colleges / business schools. Its comes naturally. Now consider this - Steve Jobs is a drop out, still he created a giant called - Apple, Bill gates a similar story - a drop out and i think i need not pen anything on the machine which has everything from his stable. These examples may be rare but its only one thing which differentiaties these folks - Their attitude. Mind you Risk is a suppliment to Attitude.
So coming back to main point - Attitude really rules the roost. It really doesnot matter whether i have the required skills or not, But if i have the attitude i can do whatever new i need to or is expected out of me.
Along with checking persons attitude, we should also check if they have the tongue for Risks. Is yes, i would say donot think twice and just go ahead have the person on board. Believe me, You will never repent for this investment in entire organizational future.

So - Do you all really agree ?

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