Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Effective Web Application Testing Process

The Key attributes required for the Effective Web Testing Process are:

1. Clarity: For a process to be effective, steps within the process and the results of the process need to be easily understood by all relevant stakeholders.
2. Repeatability and Portability: For a process to be control with any economies of scale, it must be repeatable. Applications change, versions change, personnel change, but a good process can be learned by new team members and adapted to new situations.
3. Transparency: An effective process must be transparent, both to members of the team involved in the day-to-day operations within the process as well as to "outsiders" (such as management, business analysts, etc.) who need to have a view into the process for the purposes of aligning its results with other processes (such as PR and Operations, among others) within the organization.
4.Persistence: The process must create outputs that are not destroyed at the end of the process. In a testing environment such outputs will be documentation, test plans, test results, and defects found. This information should be stored in a centralized repository accessible by both team members and a variety of "outsiders," such as Marketing staff who are coordinating public launches, senior management who are evaluating the effectiveness of their business units.

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